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A selection of recommendations from our current clients

Michael Setek's prints are very good. He has a great skill in reproducing the right colour. He has a wonderful choice of papers (also canvas). I have also had greetings cards printed by him, and all the buyers of my cards have commented on the quality.
Anne Poltera
I work as a digital print artist and had been looking for a print firm that did high quality Giclee printing. I came across Art4site through Google. From the begining Michael was extremely helpful and easy to work with. The process was fast and hastle free. And the prints came out amazing. They where the best in colour and quality I had ever had printed. The packaging was also excellent. Cheers for the great job.
Peter Kelk
After several years of scanning and printing my fine pen & ink work with Art4site I have to give some credit to Michael, as part of my success is due to his meticulous scanning of large originals and high quality printing which has been praised both in England and abroad.
Sergio Cruz-Duran
I have known Michael Setek of Art4site since 1998 and found him to be a careful designer concerned to give the client a fully reliable service.
Hamish Fulton
If you want the best service and the finest quality of print, go to Art4site.
Caroline Neill
I was delighted when I discovered your work. I first saw it at the Brighton Festival, in an artistís Open House. What I thought were originals, were your Giclée prints! I thought the reproductions of pastels were particularly amazing.

After searching around several places to get fine prints made for Alexander Sadlo's paintings, I must say your work has been to the very very highest standard. The colour matches are perfect, and you take extra-ordinary care in making sure the prints are as good as they can be. Your images on Fine Art paper and canvas is just fantastic. I also appreciate the cards you recently made for us. When Alex was signing one of your prints, he placed paper over the work so as not to smudge the pastel, so like his original did it feel to him! Your particular gift seem to lie in the care you put into getting the work just right. The scans you did for us of Alex' vitreous enamels are just supreme - I never imagined they would reproduce as prints so beautifully.

I can honestly say that since we have been ordering prints, Alex' work has become much more loved - people have started to talk about them by name and they are able to recognise them more easily. I believe that is because the originals are large, and the smaller versions of them deliver a more concentrated dose, easier to appreciate and enjoy somehow.

We are excited that you can now do even bigger prints, with your new printer, and that you will soon be able to deliver the canvas ones to us already stretched.
Gaynor Sadlo
Michael's been doing my prints for me for several years and I am completely delighted with the results, which, because of the quality of the scans and the colour matching, as well as the high quality papers he prints on, are very hard to tell apart from my original watercolours. He is conscientious, fast and very reliable, and for this high quality product his pricing is very competitive.
Kate Osborne
Michael has a great eye for colour and that makes him very good at matching colours to my originals. He is also able scan large images and put the scans together again.
Lucy Parker
I tried several other Giclée printers before discovering Art4site, and your work is definitely the best. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other artists as you always pay such attention to detail and take such care of the artwork, probably because you are an artist yourself. All this as well as providing a prompt and reliable delivery.
Kim Lane
Thank you Michael - another wonderful job - we love getting your packages! All the best.
I cannot recommend Michael and Art4site highly enough: as a relatively new business Michael's patient help took us through our first, hesitating steps of setting up; encouraged our further progressions along the way, and now has become a very welcome stalwart in our plans for growth and developement. For a personal, knowledgeable service, Michael couldn't be bettered.
The Bookroom Art Press
Art4site Ltd provides a first class service and has consistently delivered fantastic exhibition prints for us. We would recommend the service to anyone whose business relies on quality and excellent customer service.
Andy Tuohy
I was looking for the best Giclée printer and found Michael Setek at Art4site. His ability to faithfully match the original and produce high quality prints that do justice to my artwork along with being such a helpful guy is really good. I would recommend his services to any discriminating artist, he has been brilliant to work with.
David Williams
Michael is such a great person to work with, knowledgeable, caring, with a great eye for colour and detail. I have always found his Giclée prints of a fantastic quality, and I would highly recommend him to everyone.
Maggie Feeny
I require prints for my limited editions that are as close to the originals as possible and that places high demands on the printer. Art4site has, over the last three years, consistently given me the high standard of printing I require, with unparalleled attention to detail and quality. As a consequence the quality of my limited editions is appreciated and admired throughout the trade and by retail customers.
Mike Embden
A lot of our work has come through word of mouth recommendation which is testimony to our high quality work. If you have any hesitation about contacting us about our services, rest assured that you can now read the comments which will hopefully endorse us as print providers. And even if you already have a supplier, we may by something over and above your current offering should you wish to try us out.
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